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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  September 22, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> this is the fox report. i am harris faulkner. governor mitt romney hitting president obama hard over the biggest issue of the election. jobs. so with just 45 days until voters head to the polls, will the president meet with his job's council before november. also tonight.
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a terror attack that does not appear pon tanous. in the u.s. consulate in libya. a inside job leading to the fight against our ambassador and other americans. war with israel is inevitable . the top iranian commander spewing hate against our strongest ally and friend. all this as iran's madmadgets ready to speak on u.s. soil riding from sea to shining sea for those who can't. former marines on a cross country journey for those loved ones who died on the front lines.
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the fbi investigating whether the terror atalk on the u.s. consulate was an inside job. agents working the case and we are learning more about the september 11 attack and including 100 armed militants were involved. it was a coordinated assault and killing our former ambassador and two navy seals. >> harris, an fbi team assigned to investigate the murder of u.s. ambassador stevens is looking into the group of are you attackers had inside help from the private security contractors whom the state department hired to guard the benghazi consulate. they asked matthew olsen the question in a hearing this week. blue mountain is a private security group out of wales to hire and vet the guards.
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they had a contract worth half million. indication of guards casing the consulate was revealed on a gaming website where he went by the name vile rat. assuming we don't die tonight, we saw one of our quote police that guard the compound taking picture. it could be the libyan government police. and the anti-islamic. there is increasing evidence that this group is with al-qaida. the fbi is looking to the american personnel moved one while away were ambushed and that may mean they were kill would by attackers. now to the reporters told that
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the jewish state would be. he flew to thinationination assembly meeting. rick leavenat this time -- at the jerusalem bureau. >> all of this war talk is fueling tension here. rame rails -- few israelies want more. but the iranian military said it is prepared for israel to strike and has plenty of new weapons and hard ware. it is missiles and a mobile air defense system. iran is boosting its military capability to wipe the jewish state off of the map. the top commander redicting a war will occur but not clear where or when it would be.
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israel could strike within weeks or months but it doesn't have the support from the obama administration. >> i mentioned that iran yeah president madmadis talking in the un and seems like he is never ending when he spews his hate. any meetings between obama and israel next week. >> president obama has no plans to meet with any world leaders next week in the un summit in new york city. no one expects israel and iran to sit down and hash out their difference it is clear by prime minister netanyahu and he's been pushing for it and the u.s. to set red lines that iran cannot cross without risking retaliation and the president will not do and iran ins that they are not building nuclear weapons and that their
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facilities are for peaceful injuries. but they are well on the way to enriching enough uranium to making nuclear weapons. something that israel said they will not let happen. and the zionist regime should know to start something that would be the end point of their story. time is not on israel's side on this one. >> something startling happened yesterday. an attack on the israeli army on the border of egypt. we are learning more details tonight. what can you tell us. >> a lot of people didn't hear about this because of the demonstrations in the muslim world. yes, there was an attack by militants on israeli soldiers patrolling the border between gaza and militant. three militants fired and killed one and wounded another
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one of mose militants blue up an explosive belt. and the israeli returned fire and killed the militants. not believed to be related to the anti-american protest but not clear at this hour. >> rick, thank you very much. strange happenings back here. a guy jumps on purpose in a tiger's den. the why and we know from him the answer. and politics. republican presidential nominee mitt romney finishing up on an event on the west coast. what mr. romney said about what president obama has not done. stay close. [ female announcer ] you want family dinner to be special.
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>> coming off of a wike of heavy focus on foreign policy is the investigation of americans kill u.s. counce're consulate in libya continuous. we have new signs that things are getting worse for the voters who decide the presidential election. the labor department reporting that half of the u.s. states saw the unemployment rate go yup digging deeper in the numbers we see unemployment rising in sevenof the 11 key states. the voters said the economy is a top issue from them. 45 days from election day, we'll get to team obama shortly. for now we'll begin with governor mitt romney who
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finished nup san diego. romney team rounding up campaign carb to fund the massive ad war. as you know if you live in one of them the governor speaking with donors. >> i spoke with a gentlemen on the job's council with the president. i said did you meet yet. he said no it is it a half year. he didn't want to listen to us. if i am president of the united states, i want to listen to a job's council. >> here is our political coverage and he is live in the washington bureau. what mr. romney is doing is fund raising. >> exactly. he is lagged behind last month behind the democrats in fund raise trying to make up the several million gap and appearing in two different fund raisers in san diego and los angeles. last month, the gop fell bihind a few million and every
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dollar is critical. and especially given the high price of political ads on tv. and that's where the war will be waged. in san diego this afternoon. romney blasted the president over the handling of the economy. >> he increased the number of food stamps 15 million. that's more of the population of ohio a randomly selected state. it is a tragedy. it is it a human trag these are brothers and and real americans who are in poverty because of the policies of the president. >> romney heads to colorado tomorrow for a evening rally in denver. >> congressman paul ryan active on the trail. >> he was campaigning in florida promoting his medicare plan in a state where 25 percent of the electorate is over 65 and the president is leading boy a few points
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margin. ryan's budget plan calls for support for democrat to buy freist insurance and ryan attacked the president this way. mitt romney and i have looked at the issue. worked with democrats, come up with the best ideas from both parties for a plan to save medicare. president obama hasn't done a thing. president obama obviously complicit with the program going bankrupt. >> the white house said the president's policy strengthened medicare and extend happened the life of the program. >> thank you very much. now to team obama in milwaukee, wisconsin and campaigning in congressman paul ryan's home state and the president wrapped up an event and hosted a fund raiser earlier in the day. this is it his first trip to wisconsin since friday. and the president intend on sealing up wisconsin and the
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electoral votes. >> ed henry traveling with the president and the president is still taking heat for suggesting that he's not been able to change washington in the first term. >> what he said, he was not able to change it from the inside and mitt romney jumped on that and that suggests that all of the hope and change has not panned out. his president's aid said you have to force change from outside. and rally the public and get congress to extend the pay roll tax cut the president had a rally that you mentioned. over 17,000 people and a large crowd and he mocked mitt romney's response to the controversy. take a listen. >> mitt romney heard me say that. he's started to change the speeches. he got all excited. i think obama made a gaffe. so he stood up and he said i will get the job done from the
4:16 pm
inside i that me want to ask what kind of inside job is he talking about. and you mentioned paul ryan from the state of the wisconsin. look if the president can't change washington maybe we need to change president's, harris. >> this is the first time stince february. republicans think they can close the gap in wisconsin. they do. republicans feel they havum and it was over 200 days since the president was in the state. republicans had a banner saying the debt has gone up over 6 billion dollars since the president's last visit. paul ryan is from thitate and scott walker faced a recall election and beat back that challenge and so even obama campaign officials say the republicans have a good ground game because of the walker recall the democrats are hoping to push back now and
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wake up their voters, you lost the recall and now turn out for the president. the president won it by 14 points in 200 andd now has 5 or six points. >> i know the economy is what everyone is focused on but we are also focused since the september 11 attack on our consulate and a lot of criticism for this administration and how it looked at that attack and spoke about the assassination of four americans. and white house and state department calling it terror long after others did so. what was the president saying. >> the president under great pressure because of a number of things. their account change would as you suggest they acknowledged this week. this was the first terror attack on the president's watch. that is it a difficult thing to admit just before the election and puts foreign policy and national security front and center.
4:18 pm
and the president will bring justice here, take a listen. >> we saw the attack on our consulate and we'll bring those murderers to justice. as long as i am commander in chief we will not suspend the largest military. >> tough talk from the president. 30 seconds before he said that. he repeated something we hear on the trail a lot. al-qaida is on the road to defeat. there is it a lot of intelligence information and we reported that al-qaida wased in the attack that kill would four americans in lib yampt that may be at odds with what the president is saying on the trail, harris. >> ed henry. thank you very much. >> you heard the saying that it is it ohm a game. apparently not to one coach. what he did to a rival team that landed him in court. >> and a group much marines
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new deadly violence will in the drug war in our nation's border with mexico. officials saying they have found 7 burn dismembered bodies. the truck was on the highway in a mexican state plagueed by battles among the gangs and this is it a rough week.
4:23 pm
17 other bodies were found on the same highway earlier this week. >> three people wounded in the colorado movie mass cure and taking action against the theater. they are filing lawsuits and claiming that the exit doors in the building should have had an alarm. james accused of firing in the packed theater. 12 people died dozens were wounded in that attack we learned that the owner of the movie theater will refurbish and reconfig the movie by the end of the year. >> and marines on a mission to raise money for families of our heros. as they took off it is it a special moment and live in ocean side, california. claudia? >> hi, harris, 12 long-time
4:24 pm
friends are two hour cross country bike ride and a moving tribute to the fellow marines who never made it home. after training hard for six months. exmarines are biking 3200 miles raising money and awareness for charities of families of fallen heros. >> it will be like deployed and out with our buddies and focusing on a mission and something we believe n. >> among the riders is the recipient of a purple hurt and triathlete and wounded warion. he is a support team medic. >> our role here is just like over make sure they don't kill themselves. >> it is it a grueling journey. roughly the distance of new york to charleston. route from the north to the rockies and east through the heartland and in nine days, the group will arrive in the
4:25 pm
9/11 memorial in ground zero. when the going gets tough they will dig deep and be part of a unit. >> we are staying together and pushing each other. and it will be most important. the riders hope to raise 1 million. and ther a quarter of that. money going for scholarships of children of fallen service members. go to travis manyon.comor marine law enforcement website. those are the two charities that are benefiting from the fund raiser. we'll put it on the screen and i will sweet it out. thank you for much. more than one week after the terrorist attack on consulate.
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4:30 pm
violent anti-american protest. we are seeing pop up in the arab world. libyan people in the streets upset about the four americans that were killed in the terror attack on our embassy. ambassador stevens help tod play a key role in liberating the country. libyans are demanding that extremist be disbanded. they are setting fire to buildings. milt -- militia fighters were behind the attack and libyan people are saying they have had enough. greg, people in america and across the arab world taking note in a different kind of uprising there against the extremist after our people were murdered. >> very different. targeting the militia that
4:31 pm
were a lot of trouble and they may be on the way out first to the eastern libyan stave benghazi. a peaceful protest turned violent protestors targetinglet compound of ansar al-sharia. and members of that group were tied to the killing of ambassador stevens and three others. on saturday. they announced they are leaving benghazi and just in the last few hours word coming that that gloup is disbanding and leaving along with another millitia city. it is a stronghold. the libyan president was in benghazi today, too. harris. >> how does this impact the investigation and killings of ambassador and other three americans? >> harris, on the face of it
4:32 pm
it is a good thing. extremist and those with possible ties to al-qaida are being singled out by the libyan people and getting if you would like get rough street justice. however, there are two possible complications. first if these groups are disbanding and if they are dispersing, it might be harder to find those responsible for the killing of u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three others. and stockholderly, the situation in benghazi is unsettled and we are seeing a lot of violence security is bad. from our indication fbi team that has been brought here in libya to go over to benghazi, to look at the crime scene is still here in tripoli. there are concerns of security. over all a positive reaction from the libyan people with what was a terrible crime and situation here. back to you . >> greg, you touched on my
4:33 pm
next question. how much access have the agents had to the crime scene considering it is one of the most dangerous areas in the country right now? >> absolutely. we understand libyan guards are protecting the area around the consulate and the safe house where the bloodshed occurred on the night of september 11 going into september 12th. you have seen the scenes of people going in there and ran sack then in the days after, going through it and so that crime scene, according to some people could very well be highly compromised and what the fbi are doing is talking to everybody that was involved there. eyewitnesses. >> and it sometimes happens, you have a live stream so far away it can get interrupted .
4:34 pm
technology not serving us that is a great work by greg violence over seas taking center stage by the vote of law makers and some of them wanting to cut aid to the places of anti-american protest and egypt and and libya on the list as well. u.s. senators voted down a bill to cut foreign aid to those countries. the bill failed 81-10 and introduced by ran paul of kentucky. he wants to stop aiding those counselries following the violent protest. >> a disagreement over union benefits leading to fire works and 3,000 people rioting in the streets. our top stories as we around the world. portugal. angry workers clashing with riot police of the presidential palace.
4:35 pm
they met inside to discuss economic reform including one forcing union employees to increase social security critics. a move opposed by the big labor. ongoing euro crisis forcing unpopular austerity measures netherland cleaning up after a report of the a 16 year old girl posted about a small gathering and her invitation went viral chaos on the maul town littering the streets and damaging the cars. police arresting 3,000 -- 3 dozen people. >> germany, october fest. they are celebrate nothing munich under the beer tents.
4:36 pm
taiwan. competition seeing who can propel the farthest using human power and one guy makes it work almost. that is a trip around the world. >> it is official and equinox helped. meant day and night. and many parts of the country are feeling a new chill in the air. chill and no. and northeast wisconsin seeing the season's first snow over night. maria molina is live and having spent years in the area it is it right on time. >> we are seeing cool temperatures in the midwest and great lakes. like you mentioned we saw snow in minnesota and northern wisconsin so incredible stuff and coming in early for the season for you guys.
4:37 pm
typically you will see it a month later it is cool out 51 in cleveland and 57 in chicago and in minneapolis southbound texas dealing with 95 in the city of dallas. and 86 degrees in antonio so that cold air or cool air is in parts of the midwest and in the great lakes. we'll start to see the cooler temperatures moving in portions of the northeast as we head in tomorrow i want to stay focused on the great lakes and portions of the plains. you will deal with cool temperatures tonight and head in early tomorrow morning and so cool some of you may break the records . take a look at low temperatures and forecast for sunday morning. international falls, minnesota and 24 degrees and that is it right on target with your record duluth. 30 degrees and lacrosse and wisconsin. and keep that in mind you will
4:38 pm
need the coats ands jackets. >> this evening in burlington and albany and philadelphia and dc and baltimore. you are included in this. large hail and isolated tornados will be possible. we have a couple of showers and isolated thunderstorms in parts of the northeast. right now, harris, everything looks pretty good and most of this will be isolated. >> put the dog on the end of the bed. it is it going to be chilly. that is with the colder temperatures. >> maria, thanks. >> a guy jumps deliberately in a tiger's den. why? we know and also he's in a lot of trouble. and hurt. and plus, we push across the nation to allow gunce on college campuses. ? students say they have the right to bear arms
4:39 pm
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or if, whilen enbrel, you experice persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. [ phil ] get back to the things that matter most. ask your rheumatologist if enbrel is right for you. [ doctor ] enbrel, the number one biolog medicine prescribed by rheumatologists. >> competition is geth out of the hand. yeah, a new york little league baseball coach accused of talk a rival coach and his family. the suspect who manages team of boys on long island was taken in custody charged with stalk aggravate harassment. he sent the other coach text messages threatening to harm him and his wife and 10 year old son all stemming from an argument that the coaches had back in may. >> a man mauled by a tiger an jumping animal's exhibit it is it our top story on fox trip across america. we know why t he did it new
4:43 pm
york, witnesses say that man bolted from the monorail ride in a tiger cage x. a full grown tiger bit his arm and torso and. >> tigers are extremely capable predators and we used the fire exting quisher saved this goy's life. >> the man broke his arm and from the fall and in the local hospital recoverying. >> why did he go in the cage. he wanted to be one with the tigers. alaska severe flooding and forcing evacuation in a small town stouth of anchor age and roads turning boo rivers and forcing one man to get around by canoe. >> and california, fire tears through a church in los angeles the flames were
4:44 pm
bursting through the roof while firefighters work to contain them. reports that the fire may have been lit on purpose. thankfully no one was hurt. >> arizona, a phoenix grand father getting the gift of a life time. a brand new heart. curtis robert coming face to face with the widow of the man who saved his life. his gratitude hard to put boo words. >> the gift i received from joe's heart has made me a better person. >> jennifer's husband joe was killed in an accident while jogging and she's happy it see good from her loss. >> it was a horrible tragedy for me. but to see al. i feel like joe's life and spirit lives o. joon also donated a kidney and liver. >> that is it fox watch in america. >> college students rallying for the right to protect themselves. in georgia one group reacting
4:45 pm
to a heighten crime on campus. they want to be able to carry guns on campus. it is part of the movement formed after the deadly rampage. they are trying to take their own safety in their own hands, elizabeth in >> hi, harris, what students tell us. they want to protect themselves legally. they are not feeling safe on catchus after a string of violent attacks and robbers on the urban campus in atlanta. in july, one student woke up in the dormitatory to a gun pointed to his head. students for conceal would carry is part of the a national organization. it was organized to the devastating virginia tech shoot nothing 2007 and now chapters are active in 130 campuses in the nation.
4:46 pm
robert represents the group in georgia tech and working to educate the public and push for law abiding stunes and including student and faculty to carry guns legally. >> they are less likely to be arrest convicted in crimings. the second they step on the campus, argument is made they are irresponsible and no longer can carry it safely. >> two vocal sides to the debate. other students want campuses to remain gun-free wrone. students arurped enough stress. georgia officials are complying with the state and university laws and beefed up security on campus so stupidities can feel safe. >> elizabeth, thank you very much. chevy volt debuted with great fanfare a couple of years ago and suppose tod boost sales for general motors which was fresh off a massive bailout. but the volt was too pricey for a lot of people.
4:47 pm
now the chevy volt is getting a sales jolt. gm is offering deep discounsels. $10,000 a car. that is roughly 2500-- be upon% off of the sticker. they sold 28 last month. but there is it always a flip side. i don't know how it translates. jm is losing $30,000 on every volt it sales. >> and a small injection and offering new hope for a problem facing the vet rans. coming up. research that is helping the soldiers dole with the affects of goal. >> more on one man's dream to be on top of the world. i could not do don't look down, dude. [ mrs. hutchison ] friday night has always been all fun and games
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>> i say if you are afraid of heights, you probably don't want to hang out with this guy. you may recognize the french spider man. he managed to climb the world's largest steel tower in ina. we have seen him scale all sors of things in new york. most of the time he does it without safety equipment and permission . he's been arrested 100 types this climb today was allow making his way up 850 feet using a rope and sunction cups.
4:52 pm
>> it is it a serious problem for people. troops are returning home. and east mated. 13 percent of all veterans who served in iraq or afghanistan may have post traumatic disare. there is a treatment to help. >> this say treatment that was originally use tod treat hot flash necessary women commonly used in labor epatural. the block is an injection and you put it in the neck. post traum attic disorder leaving people suffering from anxiety and nightmares and paranoia and depression and substance abuse. relief fromoms awn happen in 30 minutes. the chicago doctor received a
4:53 pm
waiver from the fda to perform phstg. >> symptoms go away slowly. it is intermediate and once you see that. people say we need a tune up. >> it is not backed by the department of veteran affairs. but the procedure works in 70 percent of the patients showing a 50 percent improve stimptoms. >> i have imagine it is changing lives. >> it is night and day for a lot of people. the biggest thing for them, no more pills. patients remain off all related medication and the most marketed improvement is sleep. the nightmares going away. he treated vietnam vets and one came back from war in 1968 and hadn't slept through the nights for decades until his
4:54 pm
first treatment. >> i was apprehensive. but it is not painful at all and if i had to do it again, i would say let's go for it >> the cost of the injection is a $1,000 and fully covered by the nonprofit which is call would chicago medical innovation. >> what a blessing. he hadn't slept through the night since the 1960s. >> and it is helping women who are victims was sexual adduce and have ptsd on that. >> incredible. anna thank you for much. an airline passenger is reunited with a missing ipad and now they found it. found out where. and plus, this is it the scene in california's knox berry farm a few days ago. we showed you on fox. and all of those people stuck up how far up they are. they got down safely and now
4:55 pm
the company is doing something so that riders don't get trapped again. we'll tell you about it.
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
>> the chain of knox buyery theme park shutting counsel all six of the wind seeker rides. you will not forget it if you saw the video. people were stocking you feet in the air for three hours this week after the brakes froze in place. it is the second time that particular ride in the knox berry farm in south other than california mal functioned. >> airline keep
4:59 pm
your eye on the valuables. a flide attendant stole an ipad. the app called find my ipad. where was it according to the app. it was in a women's home in oregon. she found it and planned to return it but they found her personal information on the device and that means she used it verizon air suspended the flight attendant and arrangements to return the tab let to the owner. the race for the white house getting more intense. mr. mitt romney hitting the president on jobs and mr. obama saying change takes more than one term in the white house strong threat knowing words from iran. the commander of iran's revolutionary guard believes that israel attacks iran. saying that if the israel state does that it will be destroyed. and this as president


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